Sport Wash Laundry Detergent/U-V-Killer Combo Pack

Sport Wash Laundry Detergent/U-V-Killer Combo Pack
Item# sport-wash-laundry-detergentuvkiller-combo-pack

Product Description

This is for a brand new 18oz bottle of Sport-Wash residue free detergent AND an 18oz bottle of U-V-KILLER. NO GLOW NO SCENT - kills odors and UV. Good for 18 washloads.


-Restores & maintains the high performance features of technical fabrics. -Helps wickables wick and breathable-waterproof fabrics breathe. -Restores loft and effectiveness to down and synthetic insulation. -Rinses away completely leaving no residue. -Cleans and deodorizes. Leaves no scent. -Contains no bleach, phosphate, or fabric softener. -Safe for all washables. -Biodegradable and completely septic safe. -For machine or handwashing. -Helps frequently washed garments last longer. -Helps restore factory applied waterproofing. -Fully High Efficiency Certified


-Eliminates ultraviolet glow seen by birds, fish, and animals. -Helps your camouflage truly hide you from game. -Works during low light (black and white) and full light (color) vision.