Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad 16x20 Green

Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad 16x20 Green
Item# drymate-green-1620

Product Description

This is for a brand new in package Drymate gun cleaning mat in green. It's 16x20 size make it perfect for cleaning handguns.

America's #1 selling gun cleaning pad. Protects your table and firearms from scratches and spilled gun cleaning fluids. Perfect for rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and handguns. The clear bonded backing prevents "soak-thru". Keeps gun parts organized and in place. Durable, stain resistant and long lasting.

♦ Absorbent, Attractive Fabric ♦ Waterproof, Bonded Backing Prevents Leak Thru ♦ Absorbs All Drips ♦ Protects ♦ Easy to Clean with Soap & Water, Simply Hose or Power Wash Off. ♦ Durable & Stain Resistant, Will Last for Years ♦ Lightweight, Easy to Use & Move ♦ Slip Resistant Backing Keeps Mat in Place. ♦ Can be Vacuumed